Google Content Experiments replaces Content Optimizer, and its Better!

This looks like great news for users of Google Analytics. Web testing has always been on the nerdy side of marketing. In my experience the tools that allow content testing have been either too general or too complicated for most peoples needs.

It is getting way better for people that enjoy the simple side. Google’s Content Experiments allow you to optimize for goals you already have in your account. <adjust glasses: insert nasally voice> They have upgraded to a new advanced statisitcal engine that helps users find the most effective content.

Google states that they want to make testing as easy as possible. To do so they provide a wizard to get you set up. What about the hard part – the analysis of all this data? Well Google Content Experiments runs statistics on your tests and only identifies a clear winner when significant data is available.

If you are already using Google Analytics and Goals then now is the time to start testing. This free tool will keep it moderately simple and  its programed by one of the smartest web companies on the planet. Initially you will get analysis options for the most important features like optimized goal conversions, tagging and advanced segmentation.

If your already using Content Optimizer, the prior tool to Content Experiments, beware that on August 1st, 2012 Content Optimizer will phased out in favor of Experiments.