Leading Talents, Leading Teams: Aligning People, Passions, and Positions for Maximum Performance


Nowadays every business wants to successfully manage teams and get the best out of their resources. One of the best ways to fully utilize a workforce is effective teamwork.

Leading Talents, Leading Teams is a great tool understanding ones owns traits and those of others. We all have our individual differences. The leader must be able to adapt to and communicate well with others in order to keep a team moving forward in full force. Knowledge is power. As a team leader knowledge of a persons personal traits, including their strengths and weaknesses, is the power you need to maximize your team effectiveness.

Leading Talents Leading Teams: Aligning People, Passions and Positions for Maximum Performance has helped me in situations where I was a leader on a new team. Managing around 7 people and working with one of the most difficult people I ever have ever met. Sometime’s you have to roll with the team you have. In this situation I made the most of what I had. I got this book, read it, applied it, and turned my team into something exceptional. It will help any leader make bad relationships good, and good relationships great.

Lee Ellis, the author, is a renowned management consultant with survival experience on a team with Vietnam POWs. His book effectively gives leaders and team members alike the tools they need to let loose the true talents of each team member.