The best SEO tool on Mac OSX

I am a big fan of heavy hitting tools. SEO falls directly in line with site health and Quality Assurance for new releases and having tools that work hard for me are so very nice to have. Especially you need a complete site health report on 20 domains or around 20,000 urls.

Scrutiny is one of those tools. It gets the job done so you can have your coffee. It will crawl your domains and report broken links and other top level data like titles and urls. Yes there are other tools for PC and Mac that do the same things but for the price (especially since its not subscription based) I have to say this is the best SEO tool I have seen since I started using Mac OSX.

Another important note is that the developer PeacockMedia has been responsive to ideas and bug requests. This software will get better and has been for the last year or so that I have been using it.

Head over to the developers site to read more. Improve your website’s quality, SEO and user experience with Scrutiny.