randy-zornRandy Zorn

Digital Marketing and Product Management

Dallas/Fort Worth Area
Phone: 214-986-8503
Email: randy.zorn@gmail.com
Connect: linkedin.com/in/randyzorn


Summary of Skills

I am an ecommerce manager, SEO architect, and wannabe pro photographer known for being innovative and very laid back. My approach is collaborative and analytically driven.

With 7 years in the digital space, my experience includes work in advertising management, paid search, organic SEO, content marketing and lead cultivation. My career has given me insights into the marketing goals and process of agencies, major consumer brands, and global B2B companies.

I am very passionate about user experience and the customer journey. I look at each project with an open mind to create and execute the best solutions relevant to the customers’ needs, the bottom line of the stakeholders and myself.


I grew up in Texas and was raised by two hippies, an artist and a forester. I went to college at UNT to pursue my love of graphic design. Even though I was really good at it I was way to analytical to really take off in the design world. So I took my design knowledge and graduated from the business college, leading teams in my capstone courses and scoring top of class with them.

In 2007, I landed my first career job in a marketing management role at local digital agency. Within a few months my talent for process improvement and finding innovative solutions was recognized. My success there and my experiences with SEM and SEO eventually led me to a role at Travelocity where I worked in a startup business venture known as AllHotels.com. I managed SEO requirements for a new CMS platform, which launched in12 languages. It was an intense project that tested and challenged my SEO game developing my skills in information architecture (the logical/analytical side of great UX design) and agile methodologies for project management. Looking to leave the hotel industry I landed a role with Ciena, a major B2B telecom company, where I set out to capture leads and cultivate them. In my three years there I was able polish my skills in the art of content marketing and the customer journey.

I am still in Texas, working from home picking up freelance projects and seeking the next great opportunity. I love what I do and look forward to helping others grow their business and engage their customers in the digital space.